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Tips for Finding the Best Forex Broker for Scalping Strategies

Best Forex Broker for Scalping Strategies

In the fast-paced world of Forex trading, scalping strategies have gained immense popularity for their…Read More

How to Trade XAUUSD (Gold) on MT4 and MT5

how to trade xauusd on mt4 and mt5

Gold has been the bedrock of wealth for centuries, a universal symbol of prosperity that…Read More

What is Equity in Forex? A Detailed Explanation.

what is equity in forex

Learn the meaning and importance of Equity in Forex trading. Discover how equity affects risk…Read More

5 Things to Learn From the Best Traders Out There

5 Things to Learn From the Best Traders Out There

We have analyzed the top 5 things to learn from the best traders in the…Read More

Best Time to Trade GBP/USD Forex Currency Pair

best time to trade gbp usd london newyork overlap

This article delves deep into this question, exploring the GBP/USD Forex pair dynamics and uncovering…Read More

Top Secret Tips on How to Trade Boom and Crash Indices

top secret on how to trade boom and crash

Keenbase TradingWe hope you enjoy reading this blog post.Become a Pro Trader by using our…Read More

How to Backtest Multiple Currency Pairs Simultaneously?

how to backtest multiple currency pairs simultaneously

Learn how to backtest multiple currency pairs simultaneously and get the most out of your…Read More

How to Use Gann Fan Indicator Like A Professional FX Trader

how to use gann fan indicator

Learn how to use the Gann Fan indicator like a professional Forex trader in this…Read More

How to Use Waddah Attar Explosion Indicator Like a Pro

how to use waddah attar explosion

Get a better understanding of how to use Waddah Attar Explosion & discover its features,…Read More

How to Clear MT4 and MT5 Cache & Why Is It Important?

how to clear mt4 and mt5 cache

Learn how to clear MT4 and MT5 cache and its importance in this blog. This…Read More

How To Turn $100 Into $1000 In Forex? It’s Easier Than You Think

how to turn $100 into $1000 in forex

Learn how to turn $100 into $1000 in Forex with minimal effort and risk. Discover…Read More

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Forex Brokerage

how much does it cost to start a forex brokerage

Starting a brokerage firm can be expensive and risky. This article explains how much does…Read More

Is My Forex Funds Regulated? Everything You Need to Know

is my forex funds regulated

Ever wondered if your Forex funds are regulated? Find out everything in this explanatory guide…Read More

Why Are There So Many Forex Traders on Instagram?

why are there so many forex traders on instagram

Discover why Instagram is a great choice for Forex traders and get the answers to…Read More

What is a Stop Out Level in Forex and How to Place Them?

what is a stop out level in forex

By understanding what is a stop out level in Forex is and how it works,…Read More

How to Change MT5 Background Color on PC

full background color settings mt5

Get step-by-step instructions on how to change MT5 background color on your PC. Learn how…Read More

Learn How To Start a Forex Prop Firm – A Step by Step Guide

how to start a forex prop firm

Learn how to start a Forex prop firm in this definitive guide. Get access to…Read More

Is Forex Recession Proof? Let’s Find Out!

is forex recession proof

Is Forex recession proof? Ever wondered about it? Let’s explore this concept and learn how…Read More

Is Forex Trading Passive Income? Let’s Find Out!

is forex trading passive income

Can Forex Trading be a passive income? Learn the risks and rewards of Forex trading…Read More

How Old Do You Have to Be to Trade Forex?

how old do you have to be to trade forex

In this blog post, let’s learn the legal requirements for trading Forex and why it…Read More

Do Forex Robots Work? Exploring The Power of Algorithmic Trading

do forex robots work

Do Forex robots work? Learn everything about their potential benefits and risks, and find out…Read More

What are Forex Trading Signals? Do They Still Work In 2023?

what are forex trading signals

This comprehensive article covers what are Forex trading signals, how to read them, and their…Read More

What is Supply and Demand in Forex

what is supply and demand in forex

Learn the basics of supply and demand in Forex and how it affects currency prices…Read More

How to Make Money Trading Forex

how to make money trading forex

Learn how to make money trading Forex currency pairs in this comprehensive guide. Get tips…Read More

What is Volatility in Forex Trading? A Definitive Guide

what is volatility in forex trading

Volatility in trading can lead to potential profits as well as risks. Learn what is…Read More

What is Hedge in Forex? Exploring The Best Risk Management Techniques

what is hedge in forex

Hedging is a risk management technique that reduces trading losses. This article explores what is…Read More

What is Divergence in Forex? A Definitive Guide

bullish divergence in forex

A divergence formation is used to detect potential price reversal. This article dives into answering…Read More

What Is Scalping in Forex? Everything You Need To Know

scalping in forex market

Scalping strategy involves taking quick profits from short-term price moves. To learn more about what…Read More

How Profitable Is Forex Trading?

how profitable is forex trading featured image

Are you interested in Forex Market but not sure about its profitability? Read this article…Read More


Forex 8 Hour Chart Strategy: What You Need to Know

forex 8 hour chart strategy keenbase

If you have been trading the Forex market for a while, you know there is…Read More


Forex Trading vs Stock Trading – Which One is Better?

forex trading vs stock trading

Although stock markets impact the forex market to some extent, there are glaring differences between…Read More


Simple Forex Trading Strategies That Work

simple forex trading strategies that work

Identifying a simple Forex trading strategy that works can be grueling. You must tweak and…Read More

How to Use Fibonacci Retracement Tool in Forex

using fibonacci retracement tool

Using the Fibonacci retracement tool, you can elaborately draw the support and resistance levels. The…Read More

Forex Market Hours – Understanding the Forex Market Sessions.

forex market hours - understanding the different market sessions.

The Forex market is open 24/7, but retail traders can only trade during the business…Read More

An Advanced Guide to Bollinger Bands Trading Strategies

bollinger bands trading strategies featured image

If you tempted to use multiple indicators on your charts. You can avoid confusion by…Read More

How to Trade Pennant Pattern in Forex Market

how to trade using pennants

In Forex market, Pennant pattern is one of the famous patterns that is extensively used…Read More

A Beginner Guide to Risk Management in Forex

risk management in forex featured image

With the inability to understand the importance of risk management in Forex, traders significantly lose…Read More

Pin Bar Trading Strategies – How to trade using Pin Bar Patterns.

pin bar trading strategies featured image

Pin Bar pattern gives meaningful insights of the market. In this article, we go through…Read More

MACD Trading Strategies: How to Trade using MACD.

how to trade using macd

MACD is a powerful indicator as it can be interpreted in many ways to speculate…Read More

A Definitive Guide to Risk-Reward Ratio in Forex Trading

risk reward ratio in forex trading

As per the statistics, only 5% of all the traders become successful in trading. There…Read More

Support and Resistance Trading Strategies You Must Know in 2023.

support and resistance trading strategies featured image

Support and Resistance are price levels in the market where the price could turnaround in…Read More

Renko Charts – How to Trade using Renko on Metatrader 4/5

renko charts featured image

A Renko chart typically ignores the time and moves solely based on the price movement.…Read More

London Breakout Strategy – A Simple way of Day Trading

london breakout strategy

The London breakout strategy, also known as the London daybreak strategy, is one of the…Read More

Three Advanced Ichimoku Trading Strategies

advanced ichimoku trading strategies

Before we can dive into learning about some advanced Ichimoku trading strategies, we first understand…Read More

Position Sizing in Forex – The Definitive Guide

position sizing in forex

It's all about risk management. Position sizing in Forex means allocating a lot size to…Read More

Pivot Points Forex Trading Strategy

pivot points forex trading strategy

Pivot points in financial markets align with the principles of support and resistance levels that…Read More

Best Forex Broker for Beginners and Professional Traders.

best forex broker new featured image

If you are here, then you are probably looking for a good Forex broker. Most…Read More


How to Optimize an EA on MT4 | MT5 for Live Trading

ea optimization

Many Expert Advisors fail in live trading. In this article, we explain how to optimize…Read More

How to set correct GMT Offset in Expert Advisor

how to set correct gmt offset in expert advisor

Setting the correct GMT offset is a crucial step to ensure the proper working of…Read More


How to Install Expert Advisor (EA) and Indicator in Metatrader 4/5

ea and indicator installation metatrader

Since all Metatrader programs almost use the same file extensions, program types are organised inside…Read More

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