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How to set the correct GMT Offset in EA (Expert Advisor)

how to set correct gmt offset in expert advisor

Setting the correct GMT offset is a crucial step to ensure the proper working of an Expert Advisor. But first, we have to understand what exactly is the GMT offset and why it is essential to set it correctly.

Suppose you use an EA that opens a long position at the start of the Eastern European Time  and exits the position at the end.

The European session starts at 7 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m. GMT. Therefore, to execute the above logic, the expert advisor has to fetch the correct MT5 or MT4 GMT time.

The problem is the Metatrader trading platform can calculate the correct GMT using the server time zone or local time. Still, the server time differs from broker to broker, and the local time differs from trader to trader. Therefore, you must set the proper GMT offset according to your broker server time. 

Follow these steps:

Check your broker time using the Market Watch window in Metatrader.

How to set correct GMT Offset in Expert Advisor

Now check the current GMT below:



Example 1

  • Broker Time: 15:00
  • GMT: 13:00
  • GMT Offset: 15:00 - 13:00 = 2

Example 2

  • Broker Time 07:00
  • GMT: 09:00
  • GMT Offset: 07:00 - 09:00 = -2

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