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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is Algorithmic Trading?

I am new to algorithmic trading, is your tools suitable for me?

What is the minimum deposit required to get started in algorithmic trading?

What are the limitations in free downloads?

Am I entitled to lifetime support for my purchases?

Do you provide a free trial or demo?

How does the installation work?

I haven't received any manual guide or instructions with my purchased product.

I asked something about a free product. I've not received a response yet, why?

Payments & License

What payment methods do you accept?

What to do if my payment is declined?

How does the product replacement work?

How do I activate my license?

On how many Computers/VPS can I use your product?

Do I need to provide my Metatrader account no. for license activation?

I've spent all of my license activations. What can I do?

Expert Advisors

What is an Expert Advisor?

I've no experience with automated trading. Is it easy to use an EA?

With an EA, how much percentage I can make per month?

What is magic number in an EA?

How to backtest an EA?

I received set files for the optimized input parameters, but they don't seem to be good anymore.

Do I need a VPS to successfully run an EA?

Can you recommend a reliable VPS provider?


What are Metatrader indicators?

Can indicators trade automatically?

How to find the best input parameters of an indicator?

Can I use your indicators on smaller time-frames like M1 or M5?

How can I receive alerts through push notifications on my mobile phone?

How can I receive the alerts through email?

Can't find the answer?