Systematic Trading Strategies
Encoded into Expert Advisors and Indicators
for Metatrader

Designed to meet your trading needs

Powerful trading robots and indicators right out of the box. See for yourself.

  • Robust Trading Strategies

Out of hundreds of trading ideas, only one or two pass our extensive robustness test. These ideas then carefully evaluated and embedded into the expert advisor for further testing.

  • Advanced Systematic Trading

Our trading algorithms are carefully generated and evaluated using the in-house technology and tools like Matlab, Python, Excel, MT4, and MT5. In the final stage, the trading algorithm is passed through advanced machine learning module to identify any discrepancy before live trading.

  • Get priority support

If you need any assistance, we are here to help. Get a guaranteed response within 24 hours(48 hours within weekends). Contact our support team to get your questions answered.

  • Smart indicators for Technical Analysis

Unique ideas have been coded into the indicators for MT4 and MT5. If you are a manual trader, our indicators and tools will help you to perform the market analysis and makes a firm decision. 

  • Free Downloads

Many of our Indicators and Expert Advisors are available for free download. These tools can be very beneficial and adds a great value in a day to day trading. A free signup is require to download these free tools.