KT Pin Bar Indicator
MT4 | MT5  

Pin Bar Indicator MT4 MT5

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Also available on MQL5

Release date:December 26, 2018
Last updated:October 4, 2022
Current version:1.1
Product type:indicator
Requirements:MT4 | MT5
  • Description

KT Pin Bar Indicator identifies the pin bar formation, a price action pattern that depicts a sign of reversal or rejection of the trend. When combined with support and resistance, BRN, and other significant levels, the Pin Bar pattern proved to be a vital sign of reversal.

A pin bar is characterized by a small body relative to the bar length, closed either in the upper or 50% of its size. They have very large wicks and small candle bodies.

A pin bar candlestick can be a bullish or bearish candle, but as long as its structure meets the characteristics of a perfect pin bar, the candle's color doesn't matter.

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  • KT pin Bar indicator

    It’s a very nice indicator.. However it Sometimes doesn’t show on the screen..What could be the problem?

  • original

    very nice indicator

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