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KT Equity Protector EA
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Release date:June 25, 2019
Last updated:March 29, 2022
Current version:2.0
Product type:Expert Advisor
Requirements:MT4 | MT5
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KT Equity Protector EA consistently monitors the account equity and closes all the market and pending orders once the account equity reached a fixed equity stop loss or profit target.

Equity Stop Loss

If your current account balance is $5000 and you set an equity stop loss at $500. In this case, the KT Equity Protector EA will close all the active and pending orders when the account equity reaches equal or less than $4500.

Equity Profit Target

If your current account balance is $5000 and you set an equity profit target at $1000. In this case, the KT Equity Protector EA will close all the active and pending orders when the account equity reaches equal or greater than $6000.

After closing all the positions, it can also close all the open charts to debar other expert advisors from opening more trading positions.

We recommend downloading the KT Pip Counter indicator to have trades and profit/loss-related information on the chart.

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  • Equity calculated in account currency (not USD)

    Hello I have just tested in my HKD account. I set the stop loss in equity and found that the number entered just refer to to account currency, and not in USD.

    Anyway, this EA is cool enough for me (even better as I don’t need to calculate for different account currency. But just let you know).

  • Great!

    Awesome EA. I was wondering how can it be reset once it hits a target? For example: If it hits $100 a day, it shuts down and then begin at certain time or when the market open…. I would be a great addition. Thanks so much!

  • MT5 file

    Hello, When I try to download MT5 version, then always download the MT4 version. So I am unable to download the MT5 version.

  • EUR Account

    How to set profit and stop loss for EUR account ?

  • EA equity increase

    Wonderful EA.. could it be possible to add some option that EA will execute once equity increased by >= $.

    Previous Equity = 1000
    equity increase >= 100
    present equity = 1100

    it will close all open, pending trades but will not stop auto trading so that my other EA will continue to open trades with updated capital 1100.


  • Is it compatible with latest MT4 build?


    I run this version on my live account with latest MT4 build 1260 but before reaching equity stop it disabled expert adviser off and on constantly, I don’t know why, the equity was far away from being stopped and it continued disabling EA button off and on constantly I had to take it off from platform, I check the journal and messages no error was reported.

  • A good EA with some limitation/bug

    Dear Sirs,

    this EA could be really awensome if was permitting to control the maximum equity loss of a group of pairs of the same symbol.
    At the moment when equity stop loss being hit, all the trades are closed (also whiches that are not causing the losses)
    It’s OK if I trade with only a symbol, but if I trade with 2 or more symbols it will be better to control the maximum loss of every symbol.

    Bug…in 3 occasions I found all my MT4 istances with disabled auto trading…how is possible? How this EA can disable autotrading in different MT4 with different account?

  • EA does not swith off automated trading button

    EA does not swith off automated trading button afer attianing target profit/equity.

  • Equity Protector EA

    Hi Leo. Would you be able to add an alert function to the Equity Protector so the EA could issue an email and screen alert when the equity profit or loss targets are met, just so I know when to start trading my EA again. Also, is it possible to add a percentage equity profit and loss setting to the EA? Thanks Nicholas

  • Question

    Hey, I’ve one question.

    But first, I would rate this EA with 5 stars, it is amazing.

    The only problem I have is, that I’ve set the setting: “disable auto trading” -> “true”.
    Iam using one other full automated EA for trading and the problem ist, that the equity protector close all trades, when the profit target is reached, but don’t stop the automatic trading. Whats my mistake?

    • Hi Leo, Please check the expert/journal tab. If something is wrong, ea will log the error in the expert tab.

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