ACB Breakout Arrows Indicator
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ACB Breakout Arrows Indicator MT4 & MT5

acb breakout arrows mt4 mt5
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Release date:February 20, 2017
Last updated:June 28, 2019
Current version:4.7
Product type:Indicator
Requirements:MT4 | MT5
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double Buy_Signal = iCustom(NULL,0,"Market/ACB Breakout Arrows",0,1);
double Sell_Signal = iCustom(NULL,0,"Market/ACB Breakout Arrows",1,1);

if(iCustom(NULL,0,"Market/ACB Breakout Arrows",2,1)!=0)Buy_Stoploss = iCustom(NULL,0,"Market/ACB Breakout Arrows",2,1);

if(iCustom(NULL,0,"Market/ACB Breakout Arrows",3,1)!=0)Sell_Stoploss = iCustom(NULL,0,"Market/ACB Breakout Arrows",3,1);

// Fetching targets from the chart
Quick Profit = NormalizeDouble(ObjectGetDouble(0,"FirstTarget",OBJPROP_PRICE),Digits);
First Target = NormalizeDouble(ObjectGetDouble(0,"Target1",OBJPROP_PRICE),Digits);
Final Target = NormalizeDouble(ObjectGetDouble(0,"Target2",OBJPROP_PRICE),Digits);


// define array
double Buy_Arrow[];
double Sell_Arrow[];
double Buy_SL[];
double Sell_SL[];

//define indicator handle
int ACB_handle = iCustom(_Symbol,0,"Market/ACB Breakout Arrows");

// Copy buffers into arrays

if(Buy_Arrow[0]!=0) // Entry condition for Buy
if(Sell_Arrow[0]!=0) // Entry condition for Sell
Buy_SL[0]; // Buy Stoploss
Sell_SL[0]; // Sell Stoploss

// Fetching targets from charts
double Quick_Profit=NormalizeDouble(ObjectGetDouble(0,"FirstTarget",OBJPROP_PRICE),_Digits);
double First_Target = NormalizeDouble(ObjectGetDouble(0,"Target1",OBJPROP_PRICE),_Digits);
double Final_Target = NormalizeDouble(ObjectGetDouble(0,"Target2",OBJPROP_PRICE),_Digits);



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  • Great indicator

    The breakout indicator is very fast and noticeble great tool to have at your arsenal,

  • i am waiting

    i cant rate 5 stars yet cause i ma still waiting since last week to trigger the arrow signal …but in general nice indicator and setup …waiting the arrow to appear

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