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KT Auto Trendline Indicator
MT4 | MT5

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Release date:February 19, 2021
Last updated:January 22, 2022
Current version:1.0
Product type:Indicator
Requirements:MT4 | MT5
  • Description

KT Auto Trendline indicator draws the upper and lower trendlines automatically using the last two significant swing highs/lows. Trendline anchor points are found by plotting the ZigZag over X number of bars.


  • No guesswork requires. It instantly draws the notable trendlines without any uncertainty.
  • Each trendline is extended with its corresponding rays, which helps determine the area of breakout/reversal.
  • It can draw two separate upper and lower trendlines simultaneously.
  • It works on all timeframes, symbols, and all types of charts.
  • It also provides alerts when price crosses or touches a trendline.
  • All Metatrader alerts included. 

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