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KT Bollinger Bands EA
MT4 | MT5

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Also available on MQL5

Release date:September 17, 2019
Last updated:January 22, 2022
Current version:1.1
Product type:Expert Advisor
Requirements:MT4 | MT5
  • Description
  • Backtesting

KT Bollinger Bands EA incorporated a mean reversion trading strategy using the Bollinger bands during the period of low volatility. Price often reacts at the upper or lower line of Bollinger bands, but a reversal not always occurs. However, there is more chance of price reversal during the time of low volatility.

Trade Entries
  • A buy trade is activated when price correctly aligns below the bottom line of Bollinger bands.
  • A sell trade is activated when price correctly aligns above the upper line of Bollinger bands.

Trade Exits
  • EA closes the active trades at the end of the period of low volatility.
  • Exits at stop loss or take profit.

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