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KT MACD Divergence EA 
MT4 | MT5

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Release date:July 14, 2019
Last updated:July 14, 2019
Current version:1.0
Product type:Expert Advisor
Requirements:MT4 | MT5
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KT MACD Divergence EA trades the regular and hidden divergence signals generated by our free indicator named KT MACD Divergence indicator.

Trading the standalone divergences can be a risky affair that's why the KT MACD Divergence EA combines the standard divergence signals with an advanced analysis module to exploit the price inefficiencies on some FX pairs.

What is the Divergence exactly?

As a general conception if the price is making higher highs, then macd should also be making higher highs, and if the price is making lower lows, the macd should also be making lower lows.

When this normal behavior is not followed, that means the price and macd are diverging from each other. There are two types of divergence:

Regular Divergence

  • Regular Bullish Divergence: When the price is making lower lows, but the macd is making higher lows.
  • Regular Bearish Divergence: When the price is making higher highs, but the macd is making lower highs.

Hidden Divergence

  • Hidden Bullish Divergence: If the price is making higher lows, but the macd is making lower lows. 
  • Hidden Bearish Divergence: If the price is making the lower highs, but the macd is making higher highs.

KT MACD Divergence EA Features

  • Combine the traditional macd divergence with advance strategies to generate alpha.
  • Trading with both trend continuation and trend reversals strategies for diversification. 
  • An ability to fine-tune the strategy using the inbuilt filters like session filter, trend filter, volatility filter, Vortex, and MMI.
  • Three steps partial closing to capture the available profit on table at the right moment.

EA Input Settings

  • ----- Configure Trade Settings -----
  • Lot Size Method :  Fixed Lot Size | Auto Lot Size
  • Risk Per Trade : Risk percentage per trade.
  • ----- KT MACD Divergence Indicator Settings -----
  • Fast EMA : valid value between 12 and 26.
  • Slow EMA : valid value between 26 and 100.
  • Trade Regular Divergence : true|false
  • Trade Hidden Divergence : true|false​​
  • ----- Choose Exit Settings -----
  • Exit Trade After X Bars : Exit the trade after certain bars (0 = off)
  • Partial Close : No partial close | partial close by 1/2 | partial close by 1/3
  • Stoploss Method : No stoploss | Pips | Volatility
  • Take Profit Method : No Take Profit | Pips | Volatility
  • SL Trailing Method : No SL trailing | Pips | Volatility

  • ----- Set the Filters -----
  • Trading Session : All | Asian | London | New York | Asian-London | London-New York | New York-Asian
  • Trend Filter : true|false
  • Volatility Filter : true|false
  • Vortex Filter : true|false
  • MMI Filter : true|false

  • ----- Miscellaneous Settings -----
  • Max Loss Protection : true|false
  • Logging : true | false (EA logs all its operation in the journal tab)




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