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KT Currency Strength Meter Indicator
MT4 | MT5

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Also available on MQL5

Release date:January 23, 2021
Last updated:June 25, 2022
Current version:1.0
Product type:Indicator
Requirements:MT4 | MT5
  • Description

The Currency Strength Meter indicator measures currencies' overall strength and weakness in the Forex. The strength is calculated using bullish and bearish candles over a fixed period.

After the data filling, an algorithm sorts out the strongest and weakest currencies in the Forex market to update their sequence.

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  • KT Currency Strength Meter Indicator

    DO you mean the “period” represents the timeframe? As it can also be adjusted to time not on the Mt4. Just to be sure. for instance does the period 10 mean 10mins?
    Also is ther a way you could make available the font settings and box settings so that ppl with small screens can adjust settings. it can take up most part of my lapto sscreen. So wld appreciate it can have an option of where to place it on the screen (Left up, left down, right up, etc) and the indicator can be reduced on chart also. Thanks.

  • Bug report

    I tried the MT5 version, there is an issue with the currency meter text. If you add some indicator windows (RSI, CCI, MACD, etc), like about 5-6 indicators, some currency meter text (especially the top one) would get cropped out due to the chart window becomes smaller. This issue also happens in KT Forex Sessions indicator.

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