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The Evaluation and Optimization of Trading Strategies

- by Robert Pardo

The trading game has never been as large or as lucrative as it is today. Nor have the markets ever been more efficient than they are today. Yet traders the world over continue to make profits.Why? They have found an edge. For anyone planning to employ algorithmic or mechanical strategies in their trading, this book presents, in a straightforward and accessible style, the edge that you can use to obtain and enjoy the fruits of profitable trading.

Building Winning Algorithmic Trading Systems

- by Kevin J. Davey

“This is a great book to get a much better understanding of what in really involved in system development and help on your journey from someone with a lot of real-life trading experience.  From my perspective, the chance to look over Kevin’s shoulder and see the concepts and full code from some systems he has been using in his own trading alone would be of far more value than the cost of the book.”
—Tim Rea, Proprietary systems developer/trader; 1st place winner, World Cup Championship of Futures Trading®2011

Trading Systems and Methods(Fifth Edition)

- by Perry J. Kaufman

"Kaufman's book has continued to expand and mature since I first read the very first edition, which I thought was a great book. It continues to be a relevant, comprehensive guidebook and cookbook of trading system methods. For all those who are interested in building trading systems, it is an essential resource."
—Dr. Ian J. Nield, Special Advisor, Financial Markets Department, Reserve Bank of New Zealand, Wellington

Trading Systems: A new approach to system development and portfolio optimisation

- by Emilio Tomasini  and Urban Jaekle  

A step-by-step development process covering everything from the initial code writing up to walk forward analysis and money management makes up Part Two; a combination of Emilio Tomasini's experience and Urban Jaekle's practical application of trading systems and evaluation.

A trader can never say he achieved success but only that he survived: the black swan is always around the corner. 'Trading Systems' will help you find your way among the uncharted waters of systematic trading and show you what it takes to be the one that survives.

How to Make Money Trading the Ichimoku System: Guide to Candlestick Cloud Charts

- by Balkrishna M. Sadekar  

Packed with in-depth analysis of high-probability trading strategies and numerous real-market examples of stocks, derivatives, commodities and currency trades, this book reveals how you can make money using the powerful Ichimoku system, the candlestick cloud charts.

A Japanese innovation, like the candlesticks, it can be used with equal success to trade stocks, commodities, futures, currencies and bonds — in fact, to anything that can be charted! Ichimoku also works very well on all time frames, from the weekly all the way down to the one-minute chart.