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Release date:November 17, 2016
Last updated:January 5, 2019
Current version:2.0
Product type:indicator
Requirements:MT4 | MT5
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Our Parabolic SAR Arrow indicator plots the arrows on chart using the standard Parabolic SAR. A bullish arrow is plotted when the candle's high touch the SAR. A bearish arrow is plotted when the candle's low touch the SAR. The signals are generated in the real-time without waiting for the bar close.


  • A beneficial tool for traders who want to experiment with the trading strategies that include the use of Parabolic Sar indicator.
  • Can be used to find turning points in the market.
  • Use custom PSAR inputs.
  • All MT4 alerts are available.

How Parabolic Sar Indicator Works:

Parabolic Sar is one of the most popular technical indicator used by Forex traders specially for those who like to trade with the direction of trend. It has a significant number of followers due to its automatic assumption of a trader’s full engagement in trading activities. Regardless of the kind of position that you are aiming to establish (and whether the position that you want to pursue is short or long), its employment can bring advantages for your Forex trading career.

The Parabolic SAR (Stop & Reverse) Indicator is a lagging indicator developed by a mechanical engineer, J. Welles Wilder. It was designed for the assessment of a change in market direction. Its basis is on the idea that for the prevention of a loss, you should place trailing stops, as well as establish entry and exit positions during the right moment. Since the Parabolic SAR Indicator’s developer believes that market direction can be dramatically affected by time, it encourages the need for active trading, simply “going with the flow” can increase the probability of a loss. In many trading books, there are lengthy discussions of the concept that time is the forex market’s enemy. The solution is to place trailing stops. As the indicator’s inventor proposes, every trading day is an opportunity for generating a new trailing stop.

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