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Ichimoku Indicator with alerts MT5
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Release date:January 21, 2019
Last updated:July 1, 2019
Current version:1.1
Product type:Indicator
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KT Advance Ichimoku indicator plot the arrows and provide alerts based on 4 trading strategies based on Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator. The generated signals can be filtered by other Ichimoku elements. 

Four Strategies based on the Ichimoku Indicator

1. Tenkan-Kijun Cross
  • Buy Arrow: When Tenkan-Sen cross above the Kijun-Sen.
  • Sell Arrow: When Tenkan-Sen cross below the Kijun-Sen.
2. Kumo Cloud Breakout
  • Buy Arrow: When price close above the Kumo cloud. 
  • Sell Arrow: When price close below the Kumo cloud.
3. Chikou-Sen Breakout
  • Buy Arrow: When Chikou-Sen breaks above the last 26 period price range.
  • Sell Arrow: When Chikou-Sen breaks below the last 26 period price range.
4. Kumo Cloud Future Twist
  • Buy Alert: When the future Kumo Cloud turns bullish.
  • Sell Alert: When the future Kumo cloud turns bearish.

Input Parameters

  • History Bars: Set the value of max. bars to consider for indicator calculation.
  • ----- Set Ichimoku Parameters -----
  • Set the value for Tenkan-sen, Kijun-sen and Senkou Span
  • ----- Turn ON/OFF the Ichimoku Signals -----
  • Tenkan-Kijun Cross:  Off | Without cloud confirmation | With cloud confirmation
  • Kumo Cloud Breakout:  Off | Without Tenkan-Kijun confirmation | With Tenkan-Kijun confirmation
  • Chikou-sen Breakout: Off | Without cloud confirmation | With cloud confirmation
  • Kumo Cloud Future Twist: true/false (alert only)
  • Rest of the inputs are self explanatory.



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  • Ichimoku Indicator

    Great indicator, works really smoothly and accurate. Free too!

  • MT4?

    Hi, is there an MT4 version of this please?

  • Ichimoku

    Right now 5 stars.
    Just wanted to know if this sends and alert to the spartphone´s MT5 app

  • Such a nice tool

    The indicator as I said works flawlessly, however, whenever I change the parameters of the lines (9,26,52) to a (7,22,44) (I guess the problem is the number 22 but I do not know why…) my Chikou Span plunges right to the bottom and then the app eventually crashes, just wanted to know If there´s a solution to that, I would really appreciate that.
    Thank you again for the hard work!

  • nice indicator

    Could you add an option for a Chikou cloud breakout strategy? Or have an option to create our own strategies such as if Chikou breaks out of past price action and past Kumo, in addition to Tenkan and Kijun cross, and also taking the future Kumo into account. I’m sorry I couldn’t articulate this so well. By the way, does this automatically send Push notification to my phone as long as my MetaQuotes ID is connected from my phone app to the pc terminal?



  • No Alerts Other than that Awesome Indicator

    Awesome app don’t I don’t know what im doing wrg to get the Alerts. I don’t get it on my MT5 App from my phone nor on my computer I have to just look at the screen until I see and Arrow to know whether to buy or sell. not kool. can someone reach out to me to help me with the settings. I would greatly appreciate it.

  • Hey

    Is there any way for me to make a fast test and check if I get the notifaction when tenkan crosses kijun on my email and mt5 mobile app other than waiting for it to cross? And also what’s up with the history bars setting?

  • Thank you for your works

    I’m Binary trader and I downloaded it. Please can you suggest best settings for me? (I’m not expert with Ichimoku indicator) But I heard its best for Binary.
    Thank you so much for your kindly works. And I wish best of luck for your future Mr.Developer.
    Thank you again.

  • Colors and Time Frame

    Loving this indicator but have a couple of questions.

    1: Is it possible to set the opaqueness of the cloud so its no just a solid color?

    2: what is the best timeframe to use this in?

    3: Is the EA you sell the same as this with automated entries and exits?

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