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Heiken Ashi Alert Indicator MT4 | MT5 Free Download

heiken ashi alert indicator mt4 mt5 free download
Free Download
Release date:February 23, 2019
Last updated:February 23, 2019
Current version:1.0
Product type:Indicator
Requirements:MT4 | MT5
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KT Heiken Ashi Alert indicator plot the buy and sell arrows and generate alerts based on the standard Heiken Ashi indicator.

  • A buy arrow plotted when Heiken Ashi change to a bullish state from bearish state.
  • A sell arrow plotted when Heiken Ashi change to a bearish state from bullish state.
  • Mobile notifications, Email, Sound and Pop-up alerts included.

KT Heiken Ashi alerts indicator is a must use tool for the traders who want to incorporate Heiken Ashi in their trading strategy.

What exactly is Heiken Ashi?

In Japanese, the term Heiken Ashi means average bar. It is used to make the candlestick charts more readable and more accessible to spot a trend.  A trader can use the Heiken Ashi to both as an entry and exit strategy. A change of the Heiken Ashi color can often represent the change in the market direction.

Points to remember

  • Using the Heiken Ashi Alerts as a standalone indicator is not a good idea, always combine it with other indicators to get a more accurate analysis.
  • A change of trend often starts with a small candle with both upper and lower wick.
  • Red candles with no upper wicks mean a strong downtrend.
  • Blue candles with no lower wicks mean a strong uptrend.

Heiken Ashi Formula

Heiken Ashi candles are similar to the ordinary Japanese candlesticks but with a different mode of calculation.

  • Open = [Open (previous bar) + Close (previous bar)]/2
  • Close = (Open+High+Low+Close)/4
  • High = Max Price Reached
  • Low = Min Price Reached


heiken ashi alert indicator mt4 mt5 free download

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